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Anton's Twist

They call us the frame for the picture, the compliment to the girl. No longer I say! The time has come to change the way that we look at pair skating. Pair guys play an important role in the success of a pair team. Our strength, courage and ability to deal with small bitchy women are the reasons that pairs skating is so dramatic and exciting today!

Welcome to the Pair Guys Website. The first web resource for Male Pair Figure Skaters. We are a select breed of athletes, the rarest of all in the sport, the unsung heroes of figure skating. It is time we stood up and got the attention we deserve! This page is here to show the world what the manly men of figure skating are all about.

Think you've got what it takes to be a pair guy? Test out your qualifications to see if you too are man enough to be a pair guy.

Dave is Cool

Check out the new Chat Room!

The long awaited Pair Guy's Chat Room is now up and running, make sure to go over and check it out. It's a place where pair guys and others can come together to chat about just how wonderful pairs skating really is. Click here and scoot on over.

Anton's Spiral

Question of the week.

 In many skating partnerships a strange thing begins to occur. For some reason the two skaters involved become attracted to each other, this can lead to all sorts of problems.

Our question this week, should a Pair Guy be nailing his partner?

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Are things starting to get a little shaky on the home front? Is pairs skating starting to become more of a chore than a joy? Maybe it's time to accept a reality for almost every pair skater at one time or another, You need to get a new partner. Click here and see if you too may find yourself in the market for a new skating companion.

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